Tillandsia Air Plant Ionantha Guatemala

Tillandsia Air Plant Ionantha Guatemala


The Tillandsia Ionantha Guatemala has beautiful bright green spiky-like leaves that turn reddish when blooming.  Easy to maintain and versatile.


Air Plants, also known as Tillandsias, are beautiful little plants that are very easy to grow. With the flexibility to use the Air Plant without soil and minimal water, the Air Plant is an easy choice for an easy-to-maintain Terrarium. If taken care of, Air Plants will live for several years.


    2" - 3"


  • Care Instructions

    WATER: Most Air Plants enjoy being submerged in a bowl of water and then completely dried. Air Plants can die from having water sitting in the center of the plant or at the base - so drying out is very important!

    TEMPERATURE: They thrive in a temperature range of 50-90 degrees.

    LIGHT: Place your Air Plant near a window with some sunlight. Make sure the plant doesn't get too much direct sun. Too much direct sun will be harmful to the Air Plant. Artificial light is also a great source of light for Air Plants.

    NOTE: Place your Air Plant at a distance from your heater or to avoid drying out the plant.